How to check if the website development company is on the right track

When working with your website development company on finalising the web development process of your business you must check with your website design agency that the website development corresponds to search engine and visitor requirements. You would want to ensure that the website you’re about to launch will be an instant hit. Word Press website design or Word Press website development provide cost-effective websites.  Professional Graphic Design is also important.Make a checklist of all that you need to find out to make sure you are on the right track.

Check the features 

Make sure that every feature on your website works and that they’re user-friendly. If you’re having trouble with any of those, you’ll need to have the Digital Marketing Agency look into the feature once again. Make note of the following:

· All forms featured on the website should be understandable.    

· Make sure that all the links take you exactly where promised.

· The website logo that appears in the upper corner links to the homepage.

·  The social media buttons are linked to the respective social media profiles.

· Make sure of what appears in the RSS feed and whether it gets automatically updated.

· Do a thorough test of all the functionalities work across different browsers and different devices. 

· Make sure you have a website maintenance offer.

Go through content

Check the following:     

· There is sufficient information about yourself and what you do as well as the purpose of the website.

·  Create a blog full of fun and interesting posts written before the launch.

· Accurate contact details are of greatest importance.  

· Ensure that your content is unique and without spelling and grammatical errors. 

Search Engine Optimization

Even the best project will be impossible to find unless website optimisation has been taken care of,    which is why your SEO agency should never be underestimated. Search Engine Optimization Company should ensure that:

· Quality keywords have been incorporated in your content.

·  All your pages and articles have title and description tags. 

· Alt tags are added to images.

· Descriptive URLs that contain the keyword are easy to find.

· You have unique, engaging content pieces.

· The image sizes are small and clearly visible on all devices.

A few errors could stand in the way of website validation. Experienced developers Web design Basel or web design Bern will be capable of running a test and identifying if there is a problem. A Digital Marketing Company will ensure that your website’s design adapts to the size of the screen. Experienced web design company teams like Web design Lausanne or Web design Zurich will guide you through the entire process and make sure that mistakes are fixed before the launch of your website.