Monthly Progress Report & Stuff - December 2018
Hello Patrons and now non-Patrons too, how have you all been doing this month? 
I'm doing great! Our group of patrons have grown from 29 to 36 this month! To the patrons who have been here for a while, thank you for staying with me. And to the new Patrons, welcome to my creator page! I hope you will be with me for a long time and enjoy the novels I translate. 

There are actually a lot more people who have pledged last month, but they left rather quickly, like in a day or two after pledging. Not sure how I feel about this. I notice this happen often with the mithril tier. It's sad they won't stick with me for longer time, but I'm happy they still decided to show support to me even if temporarily. I know how tough $20,- can be on your wallet. 

Just like the previous monthly post,  I will report what chapters I'm currently translating of each project I'm doing as well as things I'd want to discuss with you all and any other things that could influence my translations in one way or another.  
Translation progress 
  • Second Summon: Chapter 78  at 0% -> 82 at 0%
  • Hiki-NEET: Vol 8 Chapter 6 at 0% -> 8 at 0%
  • Retired Hero: Chapter 2 at 0% (I think)-> 12 at 20%
  • Monthly bonus: 0% -> 16.5%

I think I've done pretty well this month. Although I've done less Hiki-NEET than I wanted to, I've kept my 1 chapter a week quota on second summon and translated a whopping 11 chapters of the Retired Hero. 

What I will mainly do this month is at the very least a quota of 1 chapter a week, but I'd like to get ahead a bit more with Retired Hero and in turn Hiki-NEET. The Monthly bonus will be something I'll prioritize finishing. I don't know how quick that will be.

Bonus chapter releases
As you may have seen, I have quite a stock of chapters(12 in total) for second summon that you can enjoy, especially the mithril ranks. Soon Retired Hero and Hiki-NEET will join in ranks which may make mithril rank worth a little too much for my tastes. So I've decided on putting a max amount of chapters per title I will put behind Patreon and extra chapters I translate will translate into a bonus chapter release. 

This means that gold ranks and below, including my non-patreon readers, will get an extra chapter whenever I exceed the max chapter count I will set. I'm not sure what will be the max. Somewhere between 10 to 12? 10 will mean mithril rank will be four chapters ahead of the gold rank.

Monthly bonus one-shots release schedule
The monthly bonus. I think I said we do 2 weeks of voting and then 2 weeks of me translating it, which would mean I have to finish it this week. I gave priority to translating more chapters of Retired Hero so I don't think I can actually finish it so quickly. What I can do instead is change it to four weeks while still start the voting at the end of this week.

The monthly schedule will be like this:
Saturday of the first week= start poll;
Saturday of the third week= end poll, deadline previous monthly bonus and start current monthly bonus translation.

It would give me some breather to translate some of these gigantic one-shots. This will mean my deadly on the monthly bonus will be Saturday, December 22nd. I'll release it earlier if I can manage to finish translation quicker. The results of the poll can be found here.

Future novel pickups
No, this isn't about picking up a new novel. At least not yet. This topic is more about how I will handle future novel pickups. Trying to build up extra chapters for you patrons while at the same time doing a weekly release is quite difficult and straining since I'm required to do at least two chapters to get ahead. So what I will do now is first translate a fixed amount of chapters that I will release on patreon and once I reach that number, I will begin releasing chapters for the public readers. It's easier to build up chapters in a short time frame this way. As for how many I should build up before launch, that's still up for debate. 

Maybe I will pick up another novel soon, or I could focus on these ones and push out few extra releases here and there. I don't know which is better in the long run though.

That is all I want to throw out to you guys. Throw out any comments if there's anything you want to comment on or other things I didn't mention about but should think about in the future. Just a regular thank you or a like is fine too. 
Thank you for reading and see you in my next translations and/or monthly report!