World Building Wednesday 22 - Elven Magic
From dElfcember day 5 - "Pine tree" (see my next post for more information on that).

Today we'll be talking about Elves, and Elven magic, with a Dryad - as some of those magic-users would be better able to connect to them than others...

As I've established before, the Elves do have magic, so much so that it is threaded strongly through every part of their culture and daily lives. It's as part of them as air is. How that manifests in each individual, however, differs from person to person.

Elven magic is elemental. Each Elf has access to all the elements at lower levels of magic - once they start specializing, though, most tend to focus on one element (or other specialized things, like the defensive magic already mentioned, which likely falls under one of the elements like Fire or Earth for protection....). 

Being aware that they are fae, they are all conscious of other types of fae, even those closer to the Heart of Faerie (beings that wouldn't be so physically manifested that they've settled materially and organized into cultures). All Elves can sense when one of these is around - but only an Elf that's closely aligned with the element that being is kin to can see and communicate with them (unless that being wishes it, of course). 

In the above example, the Elf before the tree is an Earth magic person, specializing in connection to plants. So they are very aware of that tree's Dryad, who we see peeking around the left side there. 

As is probably obvious, Dryads are among the fae that are not so physically manifested, even though they're connected to their physically-existing trees. More on them in the future <3 

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