Kleptocracy World Order
In this week’s Gaslit Nation, Sarah and Andrea express their ongoing frustration about last week’s deja news avalanche of stories about corruption that remains unpunished. As America, the land of collective amnesia, realizes yet again that Trump is a Russian asset following the confessions of Michael Cohen, Sarah and Andrea discuss what it means for brazen, blatant criminals to go caught but unpunished.

Among the topics discussed are the horrific Jeffrey Epstein case, which has risen to the fore again after an in-depth expose by the Miami Herald. Gaslit Nation reviews the case, the attempts to suppress it by threatening both victims and those documenting the crimes, and wonders yet again why Trump is friends with multiple confirmed pedophiles – Epstein being only the most famed example. (Another alleged pedophile rapist is Alan Dershowitz, who represented Epstein and who was accused of raping a teenager brought to the Epstein estate; the case was ultimately settled out of court.)

We take a look at the criminal network surrounding Epstein, particularly Ghislaine Maxwell, who procured underage girls and was the daughter of Mossad operative and UK publishing magnate Robert Maxwell – who was, in turn, the man allegedly responsible for getting Russian mafia don Semyon Mogilevich an Israeli passport and allowing his organized crime network to flourish around the world. The episode also touches on corruption in Israel linked to Trump, including the relationship between Netanyahu and the Kushners, the role of Black Cube, the abuse of right of return privileges in Israel by criminals and oligarchs from the former USSR, and one-issue mega-donor Sheldon Adelson’s enormous influence of the GOP and policy in the Middle East. 

In addition, we discuss the G20 and the back-slapping journalist-murderers Putin and MBS; the increased Russian aggression in Ukraine and US warmongering with regard to Iran; the idiocy of Eric Trump; the legacy of George HW Bush, and more. This is a jam-packed and super-angry episode of Gaslit Nation, but that’s what happens when stories of child abuse, murder, and corruption dominate the headlines for years and justice remains unserved.

Show Notes

Opening news clip: Maxine Waters on Joy Reid discussing Trump, Putin, Tillerson, and sanctions  

Violating the Geneva Convention: Russian Federation Abuses Ukrainian Prisoners of War 

The Legal Prohibition Against Torture 

Constantinople recognizes Kyiv Patriarch Filaret as church bishop 

Why Do the Russians Trust a Church Set Up by the KGB? 

(Un)Holy Alliance: Vladimir Putin, The Russian Orthodox Church And Russian Exceptionalism 

Russian Tells Shadowy Tale Of Spying Inside the Church 

Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings are dropping. This is why. 

What exactly is Putin’s new ‘New Russia’? 

Forget Jeff Bezos, Putin is World's Richest Man, Senate Told 

Trump, Russia, and Deutsche Bank: What We Know So Far 

Trump administration holds off on new Russia sanctions, despite law 

Alan Dershowitz says he's still advising Jeffrey Epstein 

Video: Putin kisses boy on the stomach  

Why would Putin have had a former KGB operative murdered? 

Alexander Litvinenko Was Killed ‘for Calling Putin a Pedophile’ 

 Eric Trump reportedly bragged about access to $100 million in Russian money  

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