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Hello and welcome to our Patreon! We are very passionate about the game industry, playing games, writing about games and making games! We were on the internet browsing for different places to get reviewed when we realized..w They all want a press release, screenshots, and other stuff; It's overwhelming! There has to be a better way to get your game to the public guaranteed. Now the solution is here, this is GameGrape Gaming!

Here's how it works:

YOU choose what you want us to do with your game ( Let's Play, Written Review, or Video play-though)

WE finish up what you asked for

YOUR game is spread on social media through our outlets, it's that simple!

Why we need you!

-Making these videos, reviews, let's plays, and things is alot of work. The competition doesn't allow you to choose what you want done with your game, and most of the time OTHERS WONT EVEN PLAY YOUR GAME that's wrong! After you put all your sweat and tears into a project and no one will review it is a sad situation and noone should have to go through that! We need Patreons so we can continue to provide a easy outlet for all game creators to get their games the public.

Thank you for reading this, we can't wait to review your game!

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