See the Fortress from Subrinas Perspective

Next to be released as a playable mini-game will be a little story section, played from Subrinas point of view (in 1st person)

Expected release date is Friday - 14th December

By sneaking around to Mistress Tracys workstation and playing with the vibrator settings, someone might just 'come early' this year. 

Slave Jenny has been struggling to keep up with her Mistress demands since day 1 - about 12 months ago when she was designated the first ever slave and office bitch at The Fortress. It might not take much more for Mistress' patience to run out completely - looks like there are many new, more attractive potential candidates. What will happen to her

Subrina's choices and actions (therefore yours) can have a significant impact on Mistress / slave relationships. Play through this one to see a few examples. 

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