Did plenty of Background Stuff. ^^
I got asked to make an API to make it possible to add custom Rooms to my Underground Dungeons, so I did that and reworked that whole set of Classes to be more easily usable.

There was also some compatibility Stuff I did for Project Red, Bluepower and Mekanism including fixing some Stuff in the Default Config Pack for those Mods.

Well and while reworking the Dungeon API I decided to add a GT6 Anvil to the Workshop, it can be made of Vanadiumsteel, Red Steel or Blue Steel.

So uhm, nothing much happened on the front end of GT6, have a Download Page Link anyways and ofcourse thank you all for your Support. :3

As for the rambling:

Making that Youtube Download Script took away a lot of time, because I only found a trick to save tons of time, when I was already more than half finished with the whole thing. The Script needed to download entire videos in 144p in order to mark them as downloaded, because I was too lazy to do that manually, and I noticed the whole "just make an empty dummy file so it thinks its already downloaded and goes to the next video" Fix for that way too late when I already wasted too much time.