Dev progress since 3.1 alpha 2
Hi everyone!

It's Rémi behind the keyboard again. In my previous post covering our Patreon journey so far, I mentioned that I'd like to do (short) posts more regularly to give you some insights into Godot's day-to-day development. So here's the first one!

It will be a bit longer than what I plan for future posts, as I want to cover what happened since 3.1 alpha 2, so all of November and the first week of December. Stay tuned for 3.1 alpha 3 which should be released in coming days.


Over 250 PRs have been merged so far since November 1st and almost 600 issues closed!

And in the same time Juan has gone over the massive list of bug reports assigned to him for the 3.1 milestone, and fixed almost 100 of them. Most of those were relatively complex and thus waiting for his input/expertise to be fixed, check the list and the issues referenced in each commit for details.

Juan also wrote an enlightening blog article about our PR review philosophy and workflow. He's now enjoying a well-deserved honeymoon as a newlywed :)

I cherry-picked some PRs and commits that you might be interested in, but check the links above if you want more details – there's only so much I can showcase here without writing a whole book ;)

  • #20627: Add Dictionary.get(key, fallback) method – @malcolmhoward
  • #21386: Fix picking in CanvasLayer – @RandomShaper
  • #22314: Add RandomNumberGenerator instantiable class – @Chaosus and @Zirak
  • #22857: Add audio input support in JavaScript audio driver – @marcelofg55
  • #23407: Support for nested YSorts – @bojidar-bg
  • #23648: Named enums no longer register their values as global constants (breaks compat but prevents annoying name conflicts) – @vnen
  • #23680: Unified class and reference search widgets in the editor – @RayKoopa and @YeldhamDev
  • #23760: Fix tangent and binormal logic – @BastiaanOlij (see also this blog post)
  • #23802: Add save option to resource property menu – @JFonS
  • #23875: Clicking on error message jumps to error location – @Chaosus
  • #23959: Fix crash on signal/resume to dangling target – @RandomShaper
  • #23977 and #24165: Many improvements to polygon editors, as well as TextureRegion and TileSet editors – @YeldhamDev
  • #24017: Enable Squish decompression in runtime for WebGL – @eska014
  • #24078: Fix wrong size and position for minimized window on Windows – @marcelofg55
  • #24090: Fix Image blitting from negative position – @RandomShaper
  • #24129: Readd support for exported Arrays with type hint string in the Inspector – @mrcdk
  • #24194: Fix crashes due to thumbnail cache overloading the message queue – @bojidar-bg
  • Various fixes for better Mono/C# integration – @neikeq
  • Various fixes to networking APIs, especially WebSocket – @Faless
  • Various fixes for macOS Mojave support and better macOS integration – @bruvzg
  • Various fixes to the 3D model/scene import pipeline – @glaforte
  • Various fixes to the new AnimationPlayer workflow – @DualMatrix
  • Various fixes all around editor interfaces – @groud
  • Various fixes for potential crashes and undefined behavior – @ibrahn
  • And, as mentioned, over 100 fixes all around the engine – @reduz

That's it for the dev side!

Since announcing our new Patreon goal to hire Pedro J. Estébanez (@RandomShaper), we've seen a big arrival of new patrons, as well as many of you increasing their existing pledge levels. Thanks a ton for your heartwarming support! Please continue spreading the word so that we can reach this objective and have Pedro focus on the engine full-time.

Note: Some were worried to see a big drop in Patreon funding on December 1st. Don't panic, this happens every month when pledges are declined by banks/PayPal due to expired payment information. This month it affected one of our corporate sponsors, so it was more spectacular than usual, but it has since been fixed.

Here you go! Please tell me in the comments whether you find such reports interesting, or if there are other things you'd be interested in reading about on a regular basis.

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