The Young Protectors - Truth or Dare, Page 04

PRO TIP: If you gently kiss the back of Spooky’s neck while spooning, he’ll pull your arms in closer to his body in his sleep. Sometimes he will even make a soft, contented little grunt during the squeeze. Hey, it’s my birthday today! And I spent my birthday working 12 hours today on a video editing job. I still have much debt to pay off and savings to build back, so I still have to say yes to projects when they come. But the Patreon means I have to do this less and less (and I can see the day coming when I can comfortably always just work on these stories), which makes me so grateful to all of you! Last week, y’all blasted past another Milestone Goal here at the Patreon Page! We’re now at $7660/month and there is still a couple hours left for Patrons to vote on which two characters from any of my comics they want to see paired up in a sexy pin-up! Right now, for the first member of the pairing, Kyle is still in the lead but Deacon is now super-close behind. They are only a few votes apart and voting remains open until 4/28/15 at 11:45 PM PST for all Patrons, including those who join now! So! Spooky seems to be a deep sleeper—at least when he’s in the arms of someone he likes. Kyle clearly enjoys playing with fire. And brothers are apparently a lot more snuggly than what I’ve seen on TV. What more revelations will the next page reveal? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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