232 handwriting pages -- 6 PDFs
Up until last year, I gave away ALL my printable cursive handwriting worksheets.  Then I added 232 pages of printing (manuscript) practice, and started charging $5 for a 24 Hour Pass to download any and all of the 700+ pages I had on PrintableCursive.com -- 500+ pages of cursive and 200+ pages of printing practice.

However, a couple people let me know that it was not convenient to have the 200+ pages of printing practice as separate PDFs, one for each page.

They wanted me to create worksheet packets like all the cursive was arranged into.

I tried to comply, but my old original files were unusable due to outdated software I no longer use.

However, yesterday evening I tried something new and was successful -- I used the "combine files" feature of Adobe Acrobat to make a dozen or more PDFs into a single file.

This actually took some doing, because I had to manually put in the code to unlock each individual page.  However, I hung in there for my peeps and got it done -- and added the six new handwriting worksheet packets to the PrintableCursive.com website this morning.  WOOT!

The images in this post are all sample pages from those six worksheet packets.  Annual members and those who purchase a 24 Hour Pass can access them and all other files on the PrintableCursive.com website.

Enjoy!  :O>

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