- What is the password to a secret place in the ruins (Pic 1)

 - Where is the dagger hidden in the ruins (Pic 2)

 - The secret code to the box Wolfy (Pic 3, 3_1, 3_2)

 - Where to summon a demon (Pic 4)

- Wolfy portal room (Pic 5)

- Something was wrong, this task was initially too difficult for me ... (Pic Patricia1)

- Wolfy's tie (Pic Wolfy's tie)

- Wolfy's panties (Pic Wolfy's panties)

- Sylvia's panties (Pic  Sylvia's panties )

- How beat Fanfer:

  In the ruins. Fireball -> Blow of emptiness -> Frost Shield

  Quest with Sylvia. Severe cold -> Evasion of attack -> Blizzard

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