Viking's Daughter v0.12.0 Public Build
Backer Build v0.13.0 (NSFW scenes with the slave). 

$1 Game Cheats (Speed boost + Nude mode) 

Hey guys,

We are releasing the public build of v0.12.0 and you can download it from below.

Windows x64 

Windows x32 



Discord - Help & Support. 

Looking for Mac and Linux testers, because we updated our game engine version and want to make sure everything works fine before releasing it, join our Discord to learn more (limited seats).



  • Added a NSFW scene with Dalla. It currently has 3 loops and 2 transitions, we are working on the cum animation + a few more variations of the loops.
  • Huge improvements on the animation scene system, it’s currently possible to have more than 2 characters in a scene, so we can set up a threesome in the future + performance optimization.
  • Added 2 variations of pubes to Dalla.

Characters / Models

  • Added one new character on the island + clothes, new eye models and hair. Her name is Rose and she is a slave coming from ireland. You can find her on the docks and purchase her for free (only in this version, her price will increase to 200 gold in the next release).
  • Added a model for the slave market on the docks.
  • The characters try to maintain eye contact during the NSFW scenes.


  • Increased the damage of the sword during the cut attacks (triggered by the left mouse).
  • Increased the damage of the bow.
  • Increased the health regeneration, while you are not in combat - 2.5 per second.
  • Nerfed the wolves’ damage. 


  • We added the inventory system in-game, there is currently no UI, but we have 3 inventories - items, slaves and currency. They will be visualized in the next release, but they are fully working and you can buy the slave.
  • Added purchasing and selling mechanics + UI, that could be used when you talk with Rose. She will also “fall in-love”, if you decide to buy her.

Save Load

  • Reworked the save and load system, so we can have multiple save slots in the future and we can also support old saves. All of the items that you have in your inventory and your game’s progress shouldn’t be lost when you download a new build in the future.
  • The player data is saved and loaded differently to give us more control.


  • Added 3 dialogues with Rose - before you buy her, after you have finished her first dialogue, but still you don’t own her and after you buy her.
  • Added a dialogue with Hilde before her first NSFW scene.
  • Improved the dialogue with Hilde during the NSFW scene.
  • Added a dialogue with Hilde after the NSFW scene.
  • Added a dialogue with Dalla when she wakes you up, before her NSFW scene.

Improvements / Bug fixes

  • We change the fade in / out effect used before and after NSFW scenes / scene transitions / entering a new scene.
  • Changed the system that adds and loads dialogues, so it’s easier for us to navigate since we have lots of dialogues at this point.
  • Bug fixes with the user identification.
  • Fixed the old saves which load day 4.
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