Weekly Roundup Draft: Spider-Man and Marc Lamont Hill
It's Sunday. My wife is making biscuits. Yesterday I folded all the laundry, vacuumed, and repeatedly toggled the kitchen. We're going to roast porchetta later and have band practice. I also have to write a few things about abuse and murder, but that can wait until after coffee and biscuits. Here's my son singing the Spider-Man song with me, if you'd like 35 seconds of joy.

This week I wrote about the firing of Marc Lamont Hill at Pacific Standard:

The principle of academic freedom only matters if it applies to speech with which we disagree. The First Amendment right to free speech at a public university is even more powerful, supported by hundreds of years of jurisprudence enshrined in one of the most important passages in the Bill of Rights. CNN, a commercial venture, can do what it likes and will be judged by its viewers based on the quality of those decisions. Temple University, and academe in general, must be held to a higher standard.  

Next week I'll have a very upsetting piece on the murder of an autistic child in school. I've also got a piece on writing that I think ought to come out, and am working on a few more. The year is almost over and next year's writing plans are solidifying. More on that soon.

Here's some good stuff to read:

What did you read this week that was amazing and stayed with you?


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