Avoiding Loud Multiplying Sounds
Have you ever played a game where the shooting or explosion sounds layer on top of one another and get CRAZY loud? 😳

This short little video shows how I worked around that problem for Cute Town Sim~

(The third example in the video still sounds quite cluttered, because a whole lot of items are being collected at once so I could test it.  In the playable game, the items won't be positioned so close together like this, so the cluttered sound problem should be avoided entirely~)

🎵 Music by Matthew Pablo


Putting together a video with neat text edits like this is quite a time investment! 😵 I don't think that I will do many more posts in this format. 💦💦  Unless I really need to convey what can only be conveyed through video (like audio), I think I will happily keep most of my future posts in animated gif format. nn;

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