The current crash in cryptos is due to (illegal) price manipulation(!): In July 2017, I wrote the (Danish) text "US dollars (and the stock market, etc.) are now artificially held up by criminal manipulation" - . I sent it to friends and family (AND to all 17 members of the Parliamentary Finance Committee in Denmark - none of them found it worth commenting). My primary source was a 35-minutes video with Rob Kirby, where he explains how the silver price is kept down artificially (and with illegal means!) to keep the US dollar and the American stock market up artificially. Now I have seen a youtube video where a young man - 'Chico Crypto' - in a gray t-shirt and with a beer in his hand - in less than 10 minutes explains virtually the same, but with both gold, silver, uranium AND crypto currencies as examples! That is worth watching: In other words: Because 'someone' using both lawful and illegal means artificially keeps prices of precious metals, uranium and crypto currencies (and probably a number of other resources) down, the value of USD and the US stock market etc. are kept at an artificially high level! One might say that the world economy is artificially kept 'floating' on hot air. In short, the banks simply keep "printing" more and more (electronic) money out of thin air and lend them out at very low interest rates and more and more debt (to the banks!) is being created... I can't see how this could continue forever, and the longer it continues before the whole thing crashes, the worse the crash will be. So the fact that someone is doing this manipulation must logically mean that they want to make the future economic crisis as bad as possible. My conclusion is that the super rich power-psychopaths of the world are trying to get their hands on as large a percentage as possible of all precious metals, uranium, crypto currencies etc., before they stop the illegal price manipulation and let everything else crash. I hope you know that the super rich psychopaths are not rich because they want to live a comfortable life, but because they want have as much power and control over all of us as possible. Their goal is a global tyranny, with ONE world government, ONE global army and ONE worldwide electronic currency. Cash must be abolished because the psychopaths can not centrally control how we use them. Here's what a friend of mine wrote about the young man I mentioned above: " A new voice in the crypto world who delivers surprisingly well-informed videos: 'Chico Crypto' - about futures' totally devastating effect on assets through naked shorting that totally destroys price discovery: #bakkt #bitcoin #btc "Bitcoin Futures 💀 The End of $BTC? Paper Ponzi!! (CME CBOE Bakkt Nasdaq)" - - (10 min.) 'They' (the psychopaths) want to produce far more 'paper-Bitcoin' than the existing amount of real bitcoin, to lower the price as much as possible, by establishing a false over-supply. They will keep the price down in this way and buy the real bitcoins OTC (over the counter) in order not to affect the price, just like they do with gold and silver futures. The fact that there are more paper-BTC than real BTC means nothing. No-one stops the fraud, and as usual, the world doesn't understand anything. A handful of institutional players end up owning everything and can continue to dump - and buy, as they like, and in this way 'milk out' all the small players. " Any comments are of course welcome. Love, Henrik -- Henrik Rosenø, M.Sc (civilingeniør) Website: Transformation.DK Spiritual, psychological, ethical, and political subjects. English: The path to eternal life is spiritual and sexual

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