KING'S FIELD II download/demonstration links

Operating System: Windows XP or later (links below)

2MB patch:;topic=286.0;attach=1043

I've been guilty of not posting anything here for a very long time. That's not really going to change, but I think maybe I have something worth sharing this time. In my defense, I stopped updating before because for a while Patreon had redesigned itself so that the brochure/pitch became a regular post that would just disappear at the bottom of the posts, as the oldest post! 

I have a very early demo of King's Field II transferred to Sword of Moonlight. It is limited to the first zone, and doesn't have any monsters or NPCs, and nothing is animated, so doors don't open (you can just pass through them, but be careful because they only have floors.)

I am updating the file from time to time to have more. It looks exactly like the PlayStation title. If you are a fan that might be worth checking out. You can move in some interesting ways, and there is a PlayStation VR mode. Alt+F2 changes to stereo picture mode. Further instructions are in the project files. F4 flies. Alt+F11 is full-screen toggle. A number of functions are bound to buttons, including the L3 and R3 buttons.

Bringing KF2 to SOM necessitates many new features. This demonstration includes some of the most significant new features, including multi-layer level geometry. Very often video game publishers do not like it when games are ported without first licensing them. I don't believe this will be a barrier for King's Field, owing to how unusual the circumstances surrounding SOM are, not the least of which because "King's Field Making Tool" is in the name. It's also been very many years since KF2 first appeared. I hope that this port will not be challenged and that it might even normalize the preservation of PlayStation era games.

In case anyone is curious, the optimistic release date for this port is Christmas 2020. That is the 25th anniversary of KF2 and the 20th anniversary of SOM. The game itself is going to be pretty much identical, except it is not based on the English language version of the game, and it will have some new features owing to using SOM and a few extras not limited to a shield like Shadow Tower has, and clothing that appears on the player-character's model.

D3DX9: Direct3D 9 w/ D3DX9 are not installed by the demo. I recommend searching for its download if it fails. I don't recommend the links at the top of this page:

Demo download:'

More/up-to-date info:

DISCLAIMER: Sword of Moonlight is not required to operate this demonstration. That's not how it works. SOM games are full-featured, retail products. This product will be made available at no cost, however donations are welcome. Here at Patreon you can donate by becoming a patron of my work.