World Building Wednesday 23 - Song magic and Spice breads

Two separate little world-building tidbits this week, based on dElfcember 11 and 12, "Bard" and "Ginger bread."

Song magic

As Elven magic is based so strongly on the elements, it follows that physical expression of energy would be a strong part of spell-casting for some Elves - physical expression like song, in some cases, especially for those that use air magic primarily. Thus, bards exist! This one is using air magic through her singing in order to create flowers from the water and dust molecules in the air (they may not last long, but they're pretty for now).

Spice breads

Spice breads are very popular in Elven culture - the sweeter kinds are often made as cookies, but even more common are less-sweet (nearly savory, often VERY spicy) loaves, spread with fruit jams. 

Elvish food is also entirely plant-based, even more so than the Gnomes' diet. 

(This one featuring Ayame and her Selkie girlfriend, who clearly has a different taste in foodstuffs!)

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