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Have you ever made a set of graphics and they turned out just like you wanted... and then you second-guessed yourself and wondered if they really just SUCK?

I am feeling a bit like that today, as I present the first set of graphics I made for my six categories of art stuffs that I have spread across three or four of my websites.  I have a simple nav-block created that shows the six lighter-colored pics below... but with the magic of code, when you hover over each one of those, it changes to the corresponding pic with text (like those above).   :O>

I haven't released the interactive nav-block YET... still working on the pages they link to.


Here are a few pair -- regular pic and navigation hover-button with text...

I have videos, pics, and lots to share, waiting for release in this category.... who doesn't love to see new art supplies -- such inspiration to PLAY!  :D

I already have several posts highlighting different artists, on my namesake website and on Art Studio Ideas -- the former with a focus on their art, and the latter with a focus on their creative space.  I look forward to spreading the word about so many more awesome artists!

By the way... I know the girl in the pic resembles my daughter, but it is not... although she IS an artist, too.  :-)

This is one of the sections that I can only see a glimpse so far of how I want to develop it.  What I have so far on No Wrong Art is sorely insufficient... I want to make galleries of other artists' works, probably organized by media used (like oil pastels or yarn art) and perhaps by topic or style... not sure yet.  It will be FUN to be an online art-collector, heehee!

The plan so far is to finish creating one "clearinghouse" page for each section, with teaser pics of just a few posts, pages, and pics in that topic... and links to more.  

When the six pages are ready, I will most likely be hosting the set on No Wrong Art, with links to art-related materials on my other sites... and of course to many, many other awesome art stuffs online!  :D

By the way, I haven't been on DeviantArt in a long, long time due to limited internet access and no real shareable artworks by myself lately.  But I encourage all artists and those who admire freshly created art... DeviantArt is an awesome site to browse and encourage others in their work, while inspiring yourself and cheering your own creative heART!  

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