Episode 32: Helping Your Infertility #SUCKLESS! — Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
Pradeepa Narayanaswamy is an international Fertility Coach based out of Dallas, Texas. Her specialty is helping men, women and couples infertility journey SUCK LESS! She provides self-care plans to support her clients to take control of their fertility journeys.

Pradeepa discusses:

  • What inspired her to go from the technology field to becoming a life coach and then a fertility coach.
  • Her heartbreaking personal losses and fertility journey.
  • Dealing with her emotions after 8 rounds of IVF and having to explore alternative treatments.
  • Her coping mechanisms for dealing with the constant loss and disappointment and how she finally came to peace with her infertility.
  • Tips on how to cope with infertility in a healthy way, especially for relationships.
  • Tips on identifying what is most important to you to calm the roller coaster of emotions and to help your fertility journey SUCK LESS!

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