Hi, I’m Dijon. I run Souls of Society. I wanted to share why I care about Essie Justice Group and wanted to spotlight them. Essie supports women who are trying to hold a family together after the male presence has been taken away by incarceration. My dad wasn’t incarcerated, but he wasn’t around. I saw how hard it was for my mother to give me a normal life. She raised me as a single parent and broke her back to provide me with everything I needed and most of what I wanted. What the women of Essie are going through is heavy. The women affected may feel too burdened and ashamed to ask for help and other people in the community may not be aware or know how to engage and help. Souls of Society’s role is to redirect that heavy energy through uplifting story telling that leads people towards solutions and empowerment. These women are doing something really special and we have a chance to give them the resources they need to change the world!! If you feel inspired to help, check out their Indiegogo page: http://bit.ly/1IvCzUn If we raise another $2,000 by Friday a donor will match our 2k. Because #SisterhoodIsPowerful