Got sick a few days ago, so I had plenty of time to think about Stuff
Don't worry too much, I just feel like sleeping all day and having a slight fever, definitely not the flu. Just hurts productivity a lot, let's hope it's over soon.

So I have spent some time thinking of somewhat concrete Plans on how and when I am gonna be starting on my own Game and how or if I'm finishing GT6.

For GT6 I realized, that there is just way too much on the List to get it done within a year, especially with all the random GT6-update-outage that happened this year, so I will either go and at least make the most important things on the List a reality, or I will try to do two things at once somehow, which might not go that well. All I know is starting 2020 I will only do GT6 whenever I feel like it, or whenever a Bug has to be fixed.

As for my Game I will wait until that whole EU Copyright Stuff happened (or hopefully got stopped, but I feel like they sadly wont stop it...) and start planning the details from then on, because I will need to buy a Domain for it, which will definitely not be an European one after the stuff that is likely about to happen in a month or two. Probably Switzerland if it's possible, so it's not as easy be fraudulently taken down by random Bots.

I will start a Git Project for the Game once the most important Parts are resolved, even if I'm not working full time on it, because of GT6 still being developed on with priority during 2019.

Engine wise, I'm still leaning towards a Java based approach, so the Game itself will definitely be written in Java/Kotlin and it will be using Open-JDK 11 (or later) as a Base in some way, so it should be compatible with Oracles JRE too, but not rely on them or their lack of Support.

Still not sure how I will handle OpenGL vs Vulkan, likely with 2 separate Rendering Systems, but that could have the potential to break easy moddability and I do not want that to happen, so a solution is needed for that.

Textures are also going to be as simple as possible, so people are not discouraged from modding just because they cant draw HD-Textures to fit with the Game, not to mention that HD-Textures on something like Minecraft look very ugly already, except maybe Faithful, but even that is already meh. So there will be Textures equivalent to Minecrafts 16x16 or 32x32 Resolutions as a Default.

A large Chunk of the Data Structure will be done with .csv Tables, so that you dont even have to write that much code just to add or change Stuff. Gnumeric seems to be a great lightweight Editor for those Files, at least on Linux.

The priority of the Game itself lies in getting the Engine ready first with Modding, Multiplayer, Controls and GUI/Launcher Stuff, and after that adding Features to the actual Game, while also side by side adding example Mods for showing how to properly add certain Types of Features (I bet I will forget the example Mods or updating of them after a while, yell at me when I do, lol).

Well there you go, I am too tired to continue writing this Post, so that's all you are gonna get, apart from a Download Page Link that only leads to a minor Bugfix Version of GT6. ;P

Thank you all for your Support as always, including the ones who randomly got banned by Patreon itself for no reason. ;)

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