Randomized Dialog
There is a lot of complexity that can start to be added at this point ... !!

What's going on in the gif up there is that Rhys has three lines of dialog that are being called randomly each time you speak to him.  (He mentions "first," "second," and "third" lines, but doesn't go in that order - because it's random!  I just typed that text in so I could differentiate them. nn;)

This allows for some variety in what the characters say when you prompt them. 💬  And, different lines of dialog will be in the rotation depending on what time of day it is, how much friendship you've raised with them, and perhaps even if you have certain special items in your inventory.

For instance, a character might notice if you are carrying around a key, and could point you toward what you might be able to unlock with it. 🤫

So, this should make conversations slightly more interesting and varied than simple repetitive lines about the weather and such~

👉 And, having this implemented means I can work on what comes next - friendship values and gifting items! 🎁  That's, like, the core gameplay!  Finally!

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