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I. Explore the dungeon

Pickup all stuff in you're room and go to dressing room. After that you can investigate ~15 points of interes (optional)

Storeroom is locked: key located on the box opposite the door.

In the storeroom  you have to pick up the magic lamp. Take them again after the conversation and go to Elf room.

II. Help the genie

Use toys on Zesthara and bring her to orgasm. After that you must talk with Vespa.

As she said you must find The Book Of Magic Shit. Go to the library and expolre shelves. Then read the book.

Level contains 8 candles and you need only six. Find them easy.

The place you need is located in the SM room: it's wooden pedestal right behind the stairs.

"Pick green, skip a candle, pick green again, skip a candle, pick green a third time. Then go back and fill the unlit candles with the appropriate colors to match the diagram in the book. Easy peasy." (c)Awolfe

Cast a spell: the right options is 3, 2, 2.

If you have any difficulties with mini-games during the scene, click on "Autoplay" button in the options panel.

III. Break magic barrier

Go to the library and read Magic Book on the pedestal (you can open it after sex with Vespa).

Now you can cast two spells: True Sight and Dispel. 4 barier chain locations generated randomly in 11 points:


2.Throne room

3. At the entrance of throne room

4.Opposite dressing room

5. Kitchen

6.  At the entrance of store room

7. Beside the upstairs

8. "Empty corridor"

9. at the end of the jail corridor

10. SM room

11. Place between 9 and 10

Find and dispel them.

Also, in the one of bookshelves you can find the "strange book" with map of this points.

After that you can investiage the barier condition (optional)  or go immediately to the library and read Magic Book again.

 Return to II. Help the genie 

After scene with Succubi and conversation with Zesthara you need to talk with Vespa.

After this you gain new ability: lockpicking. If you have some problems with it, try to donwgrade graphical parameters.

Go to the prison and unlock the door with blue lights. Done.

IV. Dark skinned bitch

After sex with Zesthara you can start conversation with her and "make the little role-play" again. To do this, close the door to her room and try to open it. Also you need the magic lamp in you inventory.


1. Anal plug - in the storeroom, box in the corner.

2. Magic wand - in the SM room, on the table.

3. Pink dildo - in the Zesthara room.

4. Strapon - locked barrel at the "empty coridor"

5. Vibrator -   barrel in the first cell from left side of prison 

6. Vibro clamps - locked shelf at the SM room

V.  Find the BDSM outfit

1. Latex top (Witch) -  locked shelf at the SM room

2. Latex shoes (Elf) - locked chest in the store room

3. Latex corset (Elf) - locked box behind the prison

4. Latex panty (Elf) -  locked box  at the "empty coridor" 

5. Latex glove (Elf) - locked box between the Throne room and the kitchen

6. Latex bottom (Witch) - locked barrel behind the upstairs

7. Latex gloves (Witch) - locked box in the Throne Room.

After you find any clothes for the Elf you can talk with Zesthara about it. After that you can change Zesthara's outfit in the dressing room.

VI. Revenge

After you helped Vespa talk to her about succubi. After conversation buy one or more magic crystall and go to Zesthara. She said she likes anal. After that conversation start scene with her and bring her to orgasm using only anal toys.

Vespa said you need a sperm. Buy a condom then talk to Zesthara about "weird question".

Put the condom during next scene and cum in it. Also, you can take a look at the preview of the full version of this scene.

Take the sperm to Vespa. In addition, you will need a hundred coins. After that, go to the kitchen and cook the potion in the pot, referring to the recipe (you can open the journal with the "J" key). Take the prepared potion to Vespa. She advises you to sleep, but you can only do this in the next build.

Go to yore room and use the bed. After that, put on yourself and Zesthara a complete set of bdsm clothes. After that, the scene starts and you need to finish in the pussy of the demoness. Preview of the full version of this scene.

 After that, she will behave a little more politely. You can find her in the prison cell next to Vespa.

Talk to her about the book, and related quest will be started. You can free her, if you want. After that Ksmaah will be available in the dressing room and clothes suitable for her will appear in the store.

VII Magic Book and Demonic contract

Go to the library and look at the Magic book. Sign the contract, and buy the ingridients, candles and occultic circle.

Talk with Ksmaah about demons, than you can talk about semen with Vespa (in 0.11 and later).

Go to the exit of the dungeon. You can see five pedesals. Place candles on them so as to form a pentagram.

***end of 0.10

Than you must said to demonic channel: "I love to suck...". Cast the "Lock" spell to collet a green semen. You also can see the preview of full version "Unholy hole" here.

Than cook three blue potion and go to the magic book

*** end of 0.11

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