First Donation Recommendations
Hey folks!

First of all, thank you for all the awesome support both financially, but also just by using Fosstodon and helping us improve.

As we mention on our funding page, we like to keep a float of approximately 6 months funding. Anything over this will be used for donations to open source projects, but we don't want to make small donations. We want to make donations that will actually help these projects out.

So, with that in mind we're calling on you, our Patrons to give us feedback on what projects you think we should donate to. We intend for our first donation to be $100, but we hope these will increase over time.

Please use the link below and head over to the Fosstodon Hub where you can submit a recommendation for donation. We will keep this page up for a week, after which we will create a short list that will go to a vote for a our Patrons.

Submission page: 

Thanks everyone,

The Fosstodon Team