A kingdom domain taken away from reality!
I recently had the idea of a whole kingdom transported to a different place. In this case a pocket plane of its own for the kingdom and all of the people that lived therein. While regional maps are not always so useful to people, I thought this one would be fine since the removed kingdom can still take part in anyone's campaign. According tot he lore (which you can change too), the place where the kingdom was in the material plane is currently a barren wasteland or a desert. So anywhere where you have such a location can be the place where this kingdom originally was.

While it is away from the material world, people can still access it through portals and spells, but it is more difficult than usual. All in all there are three main cities in Tar'Fadin, and a few other smaller settlements. It's an interesting place to visit with strange people. An incredible treasure might be waiting for brave adventurers in the volcanic mountain range too.

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