Dialog Complexity + Gifting Items! 🎁
I was NOT kidding when I mentioned that dialog could begin to show much more complexity after the last update!

So, here's everything that's going on in this picture:

  • When you speak with a character for the first time ever, they will introduce themselves in some way.  (Makes sense, right?)
  • After that, they will have a handful of random dialogs that they might say if you talk to them as normal.  In the future, various factors will affect this conversational dialog, such as how close your friendship is and what time of day it is.
  • As NPCs walk around, they may eventually think about an item. 💭
  • If you talk to them while you have that item, they will thank you for sharing and you will get major friendship points! 💕
  • (In this simplified version just for testing, they automatically take the item from you if they want it, which is kind of funny, as if they are going "Oh cool I'll take one thanks bye!" 😆  In the future, an inventory menu will pop up and you will choose what item to give them, or nothing at all.  That way, you can always hold onto items that are more valuable or ones you want to save for a different character.  You will get some points even for giving a character a different item than what they are asking for, but not as many.)

🌟 There is still more working and tweaking for this system required before it's truly efficiently playable, but as far as proving the concept goes, I think it looks really nice!  I get to do one of the really fun parts next, which is writing all of the dialog for the other characters. 💬  I suppose I should also draw some of these image assets a little bit better, lol. 💫

All in all, we really are not terribly far from a playable demo to release~ 🌻

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