What Was 2018 Like? (+ 2018 entertainment recap)


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I want to do a lot of stuff in 2019! I also want to stick to the app time limits I set on my phone, get up at the same time every day during the week and get back into a regular exercise routine. So far we're a month in and that has almost worked out!

Also, as is my wont, I made a list of my favorite entertainment in 2018 (with the caveat that I am not up to date on some of my favorite shows, so I'm not listing them here).

5 albums/EPs from 2018 that I listened to over and over

Janelle Monaé, Dirty Computer
Mike Shinoda, Post Traumatic
Death Cab for Cutie, Thank You For Today
Muse, Simulation Theory
Alex G, In The Still & Homespun, Pt. IV


CHVRCHES, Love Is Dead
The Carters, Everything Is Love
Bob Moses, Battle Lines
Thrice, Palms
Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers, Born To Rot

Concerts I attended in 2018

Beyoncé & Jay-Z @ Berlin (Olympiastadion), 28/6/18
IAM @ Berlin (Astra), 19/10/18
Mike Shinoda @ Dallas, TX (House of Blues), 28/10/18
CHVRCHES @ Berlin (Tempodrom), 7/11/18

2018 movie that I watched thrice

2018 movie that I saw twice in theaters
Black Panther

2018 movie I'd have seen more than once in theaters if I had infinite time & money
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Movies I remember watching on the plane
Atomic Blonde
Blade Runner
Call Me By Your Name
Lady Bird
Love, Simon
Ocean's 8

5 TV shows that I watched and want more episodes of at the time of writing please

Queer Eye (Netflix)
Doctor Who series 11 (BBC)
Dear White People (Netflix)
Star Trek: Discovery (Netflix)
Killing Eve (BBC)

TV show that I will miss forever

sense8 (Netflix)

5 comics I read in 2018 and would recommend

John Allison/Lissa Treiman/Max Sarin, Giant Days
Kieron Gillen/Salvador Larroca, Darth Vader
Rami H-P Lehkonen, Life Outside The Circle
Ariel Schrag, Part of It
Tillie Walden, Spinning

5 books I started and finished in 2018

Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor, It Devours!
Laura Jane Grace, Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout
Tanya Lapointe, The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049
Max Porter, Grief Is The Thing With Feathers
Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein, All The President’s Men

2018 Podcast Top 5

I Only Listen to The Mountain Goats (Night Vale Presents)
Queerology (Matthias Roberts)
Lovett or Leave It (Crooked Media)
Queery (Cameron Esposito/Earwolf)
The Wilderness (Crooked Media)

Other podcasts I enjoyed

Pod Save America (Crooked Media)
Hysteria (Crooked Media)
Good Morning Night Vale ´(Night Vale Presents)
Good Christian Fun (Kevin T. Porter, Caroline Ely)
Slow Burn (Slate)

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