"Cisgender" (the song)
Hey folks, just wanted to share a bit of music-related news to round out the year:

As you may know, my solo music project *soft vowel sounds* has been playing live pretty regularly of late – it's been a bright spot for me in what's been an otherwise bumpy year personally. 

Anyway, I've got some pretty decent video footage of my last two live shows, and I plan to make a number of the songs publicly available on my YouTube channel over the coming weeks! (btw, feel free to "subscribe" to me there if you're interested.) I also plan to make a special Patron-only music video soon, so stay tuned!

I have just released the first of these live videos, which is at the top of this post. It happens to be a classic rock song from the 1970s that I have "trans-ed" the lyrics to, for reasons explained in the video. My version of the song is called "Cisgender," and you can enjoy it here or on YouTube.

And if you live in the Bay Area, you may be happy to learn that I will be playing this song live at my final music show of the year, on Sunday, December 30, 2018! I will be playing a Queer Matinee show at the Ivy Room (860 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA). The other bands will be Polythene Pam and Scorpio Moon. The show starts at 4pm sharp (I think I may be on first). $6-$10 NOTAFLOF, must be 21 & up. As a bonus, our friend Dana will be hosting a queer karaoke event that will immediately follow the show! More details can be found here and on the Facebook invite.

If you can't make this show, no worries, you can listen to my music in the comfort of your own home via the following links:

You can also receive updates any and all future live shows and new music releases by signing up for the *soft vowel sounds*/Bitesize email list!

I hope you enjoy all the music! And as always, thanks once again for all your support – that has been another bright spot of my 2018! 

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