Hey guys, so I'm actually closing my Patreon! One of the reasons being that I don't feel my work is safe on here, especially my high res stuff, because of the way Patreon has pledges set up. People can simply pledge a high amount, access your stuff, and then cancel it right away without paying you a single cent. Kinda sucky. And I worry about people potentially just stealing my work and attempting to sell it; I have dealt with this kind of stuff regarding art theft in the past and it's not really that fun. Also, I have become suspicious and aware of scammers on Patreon; especially those who ask you, the artist, for a "pledge for pledge" type of deal. It can work, but be extremely wary. I had one guy cancel his pledge at the last moment which would have left me $3 short if I hadn't noticed! That was also a factor in why I decided to close my Patreon. That said, Patreon can be a great platform, and it is! It's just not suitable for me. To those of you who pledged whatever amount to me, thank you! This was an interesting experience for me that I'll take with me on my artistic journey. If you enjoyed my art for the short time that I posted here on Patreon, you can find me on other social media sites: Tumblr: http://fallenzephyrart.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FallenZephyrArt Facebook: https://twitter.com/FallenZephyrArt