Here is what is coming! 31 Days to Fingerstyle Mastery

I'm so excited about this.  

I've been working hard on this one-month, one-time class to help support the growing skills of everyone who wishes to play fingerstyle guitar.

What is this?

31 Days to Fingerstyle Mastery... a systematic approach, using Progressive fingering patterns, in exercises to develop:





    and Comfort for the picking hand (demonstrated by the right)

    While the Left (or fingering hand) moves in a predictable pattern between chords.

It is said that it takes 21 days to ingrain a new habit…

we’ll embed it in 31!

What do you get?

(12) different Absolute Beginning Fingerstyle Exercise and (54) different ThumbBuilder Exercises Demonstrated in a Video, with a pdf handout, and an Audio demonstration track, together with an Audio Backing Track for Practice.

How Do you access these lessons?

1.  There is a new lesson posted here in the Patron Feed for your special tier of sponsorship; AND delivered to your inbox Daily 

2.  Once a week Zoom Webinars (Sundays 1/6, 1/13, 1/20 1/27 from 1 -2 pm  PST)  You can record these on your computer for future reference.

3.  Email consultation--ask the questions arise.  I'll get back to you with responses as soon as I can.

4.  Upload your video for comment and guidance

Make your New Year’s Resolution and use this class to keep it!

Who is this for?

This class is NOT for everyone. 

Only offered in January, so the successful student will be able to dedicate the time and attention to invest in their fingering skill development for just ONE MONTH.

It IS for people who are frustrated with their stop and start, or forward 1 step, backward 2 steps progress.

It IS for people who are ready to dedicate 10-20 minutes a day, EACH day in January, to develop the skills that have been eluding them.

There is a Limit of 25 Students so that I can give each student the attention they need and deserve.

How do I sign up?

Enrollment is from Dec 20-Dec 31st.

Step One:  Use Steve's Self-Assessment Tool to apply:  

Step TwoA: (if you ARE already one of my Patrons, ON January 1, choose the New Special patron Tier for 31 Days of Fingerstyle Mastery, as your patronage level for the month of January.  

Step TwoB:  (If you are NOT already one of my Patrons, ON January 1, sign up as Steve's Patron and choose the New Special patron Tier for 31 Days of Fingerstyle Mastery.

Step Three:  On January 31st, either choose to stop being my Patron, or sign up for one of the regular tiers of support and have the inside scoop on all of my creative projects, as well as unique access to my digital versions of my books and recordings and videos.

Course Plan:

We will work through (12) Absolute Beginning Fingering Exercises and (54) ThumbBuilder Exercises and (4) different tunes over the course of our 31 days.

Do a baseline Video of your exercise in Week 1

Do a baseline Video of Frere Jacques (2 part fugue) in Week 2

Do a mid-stream assessment Video of your exercise in Week 3

Do a final assessment Video of your exercise in Week 4

OK, How much will this cost?

Weekly Private Lessons $270 a month (on-line or in-studio)

Regular Price for this class: $500.00 

Special price for my Patrons at this unique first-time offering: $250.00  

(50% off!) 

That's about $8 a day (less than a fancy Blue Bottle coffee) for DAILY lessons!

Here;s the deal:  You get daily lessons, daily handouts, weekly live class, email support and feedback AND you get to keep everything!

for only $8 a day! 

AND--Each student gets a copy of the interactive PDF Booklets of the Exercises and Class Materials at the conclusion of the class.

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