Raising Kids to be Adults takes a Team

This morning Channel 5 News had an article on Adult kids living at home. They gave some tips for parents. I agreed with all but one of their tips. Every parent I bet has their own views on this subject also.

Channel 5 news covered the 4 subject lines in the above photo. Key thing I like about what they had to say was that the kids should pay rent and should do chores. One thing I didn’t agree with was they suggested co-signing a loan for your kids in your comfort zone. I would say if you co-sign a loan for anyone you should think of it as a gift because chances are you will be paying it off.

Raising kids to be successful adults and move out of your house is not an easy challenge. I feel sorry for single parents that have no family network to help them raise the kids. I think of raising kids it takes a team to help get them successfully out on their own someday. For married couples both parents need to be a 100% supportive of each other and the things they are asking of their kids.

Just like a football team it takes many different coaches for the team to be successful. If a family is lucky enough to be married it takes both parents to be fully behind each other on the issues they feel for there are important.

A team to help you on raising your kids could include your parents, brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. Anyone that has positive influences and a story to teach the kids can help. The kids can learn also from others mistakes. Sometimes it is better for them to also hear it from other people at times then their parents all the time. Youtube can be a good part of the team also with all the good education videos on different subjects and Ted talks. 

In a book I am writing will have a lot longer list of things that we try to teach our boys so they can be a successful adult someday and living on their own. Some of the issues in our house are the following items; 

- Chores. We have a chore list for each boy that has daily chores and weekly chores. Also includes keeping their rooms clean and doing their own laundry. They are not 100% perfect on their chores but we are trying. 

- They have to help cook a meal once a week.

- They have to do their own laundry.

- They have to help with yard work on the weekends. We don’t have grass to mow so it is pulling weeds or picking up leaves. This doesn’t always get done each weekend.

- They are to save 26% of any money they receive from work or gifts and put into their college funds.

- They are to read for an hour each night of a book from our business book cases.

- They are to program an hour each night on sites like CodeAcademy, Code.org and Khan Academy

- Be a part of family learning time each night from half an hour to an hour a night covering many different subjects like balancing a check book to the effects of debt and more. A full list will be in my book coming out next year hopefully.

If you have kids let me know what you do to prepare them to be adults. Were they able to move out on their own without your help after they were done with school?

Here is a positive quote I like; “Remind yourself daily that there is no way to happiness; rather, happiness is the way.” ― Wayne W. Dyer, Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

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