I did some Compat work to warm up

Feeling better now that the cold/fever is over, so I decided to start with getting some Compat Stuff done from my TODO List, since there was only 2 days left before the usual weekly Release. ;)

First I added some Material Data to the Fossils and Archeology Mod. Nothing much to say about it. Had a Palm Tree alike thing that I added to my Wood Registry.

Then I realized that I forgot to add the Trees of Highlands to my Wood Registry and quickly did that.

And the more things I added to the Wood Registry the more I felt like I wanted to finally have some NEI thingy to look at its Entries, so I went and added a basic Recipe List for that. Now you can actually look up which Saplings will give you which Wood, Planks and Beams, except for Forestry, because they used way too much NBT for that.

Last but not least I took a look at CandyCraft, not really a good Mod, and I still dont even know how to make a Portal to there because it is nowhere to be documented at all, but cheating in Creative Mode helps.

It had quite a lot of things to add Material Data to, and also new Materials I had to add because of all of its Food Stuff. Things like Keys and Records had to be made shelvable, and Marshmallow is a Type of Wood now by the way. XD

The Miniature Portal to there uses things you should only be able to get from that place, Candy Canes to build it and a PEZ to activate it.

There we go, the Release for this week. ^^

Thank you all for your Support and have a Download Page Link for convenience. :3

Not much to ramble about today, only replenished the supply of that Spray that prevents my left eye from being full of that white stuff that it produces way too much of.

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