Dev progress report - Weeks 50 & 51

Hi everyone, here's Rémi!

My previous report on progress made in the master branch between Nov 1 and Dec 7 was well received, so here's another update on what happened in the last two weeks (which should match what will be available in the upcoming Godot 3.1 alpha 4 build).

Thanks to all of you for your support that enables this work, and a warm welcome to our new patrons! (+32 since my last post on Dec 7, and we just passed 800 patrons for the first time! Still some way to go before we can hire Pedro, but we're getting there.)


122 PRs have been merged since my previous review two weeks ago (Dec 7 to Dec 21), and 144 issues have been closed. Many of those PRs had been made months ago, but we hadn't managed to review them properly until now, or they needed several successive reviews to be in a satisfactory state. We took several days last week to review all of them and merge what was ready for 3.1.

Juan also started working on missing features and known bugs of the new OpenGL ES 2.0 backend, notably fixing issues that would cause crashes on mobile devices or low-end PC, as well as implementing lights and shadows for 2D.

During that time, we released our 3.1 alpha 3 build on Dec 11 (based on a commit from the previous day), so most of the changes outlined below were not included in that build.

We also posted our call for participation for our upcoming GodotCon in Brussels, Belgium, and we got confirmation that Juan will have a 1-hour talk at FOSDEM. If you can make it to Brussels in early February, make sure to join us for either event (and register)!

Some highlights from PRs merged in the past two weeks:

  • Various platform-specific mouse input changes, see #24363 – @moiman100 and @cosmicchipsocket
  • #19501: Add support for custom resource savers and loaders – @Zylann
  • #19914: Add Z-Index for Autotile – @guilhermefelipecgs
  • #20745: Allow to create a heightmap collision shape from an image – @Zylann
  • #21653 and #24046: Two fixes to move_and_slide's stop_on_slope API – @piratesephiroth and @DualMatrix
  • #22775: [Mono] Add ColorN() and named color properties – @KellyThomas
  • #22973: Add support for collision layers and masks in CSG shapes – @cyclopsian
  • #23126: UV for ninepatch now maps to the proper ninepatch mapped UV – @QbieShay
  • #23312: Fix touch release event on _gui_input – @lethiandev
  • #23361: Add backward looping support to AudioStreamSample (wav files) – @mrcdk
  • #23469 and #23483: Add CAMERA_MATRIX and VIEW vector to fragment shader – @clayjohn
  • #23691: Add signals for files move/delete/rename to FileSystemDock – @groud
  • #23693: EditorExportPlugin now calls _export_end() when export ends if scripted – @marcelofg55
  • #24223: Fix type-compatibilty check in GDScript – @vnen
  • #24224: Reverse bitangent on everything – @BastiaanOlij
  • #24285: Add GLES2 support for iOS – @volzhs
  • #24357 and #24385: Don't allocate in Vector ctor and reduce String CoW – @hpvb
  • #24366: Adding option to re-orient our sky – @BastiaanOlij
  • #24432: General fixes for AnimationTree editor – @YeldhamDev
  • #24447: Fix Word wrap cache desync causing crash – @Paulb23
  • #24508: Fixes for TileSetEditor and TileMapEditor – @guilhermefelicecgs
  • #24527: ProjectManager: Warn when projects have different config_version – @akien-mga and @groud

That's it for this report!

As mentioned above, those changes will soon be available to all in our 3.1 alpha 4 build. After that, we'll likely have a last alpha 5 build next week before going into beta stage.

Thanks again for your support, and keep making great things with Godot :)