Finding Your Rhythm (Writing Advice)

When you talk to a lot of authors about publishing successfully, their advice is usually write fast, publish often. But this puts a lot of pressure on you and when you're juggling a family, a job, other responsibilities, it can kill the muse. You'll think I can't ever publish a book a month and get into a downward spiral. Well I'm here to tell you, don't feel that way, because you can!

Balancing my daily writing word count goals (around 3000 words a day) with responsibilities can be tough. Add to that a medical condition that makes "braining" difficult and focusing even harder. But, I've found when I find my own rhythm it helps. What does that mean to me?

Write in the morning where possible. On the days I work from home, or my days off, my goal is to get up in the morning, feed the horses, do some in-house chores and some daily client work, and then write. (And yes, on the days I work from home, I work, too. LOL) If I can get my daily 3000 words in by noon at the latest or so, then I can move onto other things like social media or these blogs. I "start" the day with a huge sense of accomplishment and that really gives me momentum to go forward.

Take breaks if you need to. One of the ways this works is that I write 1000 words (usually in 30-45 minutes) then stop and go do something else. Then I come back, write another 1000 words, and so on. Breaking the big job up into smaller chunks gets it done.

Find ways to get the words in other than typing. I dictate often on my drive to work. On the 25 minute drive, I can usually speak 1000 words. That's 1/3 of my day's work done, right there! (I dictate into Google Docs on my phone using speech to text then copy/paste it from the Google Doc into Word or Scrivener depending on the project.)

I think the final bit of advice is not to be afraid to experiment. Listening to your body and listening to your muse will allow you to find the rhythm that works for you.

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