Merry Gregmas! :D

And what would a Gregmas be without a Gregmas Tree, aka the Lightning Rod!

I wanted to release this Version early, so you all get a Present for the Holidays to play with. Next Release is gonna be next year, whenever the first Thursday happens then. XD

Because I'm too lazy to re-explain the thing, here a copy-paste of the Changelog

  • A 3x3x5 Base and up to 100 Blocks worth of Rod Blocks (I did not want to enforce usage of Bedrock to Build Limit, so 100 is Max Efficiency)
  • Emitting almost 600 Million EU per Lightning Strike at LuV (32768 EU/t) with 1 to 16 Amps (yes that means it's never 0 Amps even if the Power goes nowhere, therefore wasting 32768 EU/t if you don't use the Power)
  • Working during Thunderstorms or Rain (at 10% in that case), without caring about the Biome it is in (so Deserts work too, even if it technically doesn't rain there, those Sandstorms can pick up quite some Charge).
  • Spamming these Rods is not a good Idea as it reduces their Efficiency if there is more than one Rod in a 512x512 Area centered around the Rod.
  • The Tip of the Rod has to be at Y >= 100 in order to work, so you always have to be touching the Sky in some way, also only Air Blocks allowed above it, so it cant be fully encased.
  • But you only need one Rod Block to make it work if you are up high enough (though that's a 1% per Rod Block Chance in that case), useful if you don't have that many Rod Blocks at the Beginning.
  • While the Rod is still containing Power, it will not let more Lightning Strikes happen to itself, as it is still charged.
  • And no you cant just spawn Lightning using other Mods to power this thing, that would be way too OP, but you can use the Forestry Rainmaker I guess.

Apart from adding the Lightning Rod, I also made Golden Apple/Carrot Juice more Efficient in the Fermenter and fixed some random Bugs.

Thank you all for your Support and have Happy Holidays, if you celebrate anything during this time, otherwise, have a nice regular rest of the Year. ;3

Here is the Download Page Link, almost forgot that one. XD

Now for me to use the off-job-time that some of my Friends have during this Season to play some Multiplayer Games. ^^