Press Release: The Song of Spores by Bogi Takács

Broken Eye Books is publishing The Song of Spores by Bogi Takács as an ongoing serial. 

Three experienced counterintelligence operatives of Alliance Treaty Enforcement are on a mission to find the source of shapeshifting infiltrators into Alliance space. Will the gruff Ereni commander, the Chasidic Jewish shapeshifter, and the cynical insectoid grandma be able to work together, or will their differences drive them apart before they can reach their goal? And how can they cooperate with the sentient spaceship and symbiotic pilot, who only signed on to provide transportation and not to be eaten by giant space fungus? This is weird space opera at it's finest.

"The Song of Spores," says Bogi, "is set in my space opera continuity, the Eren Universe. I have had quite a few short stories in this continuity that have appeared in places like Clarkesworld and the anthology Ride the Star Wind, also published by Broken Eye Books. I have another ongoing serial in the Eren universe, too: Iwunen Interstellar Investigations, which is set in a very different corner of the world. While Iwunen examines what shapes crime and investigation can take in the far future, The Song of Spores takes on more of a weird and biological emphasis—it takes a long, hard look at what alien invasions can mean. I very much enjoy writing serialized fiction because it enables me to explore themes and characters in detail but offers more flexibility than many other traditional formats."

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Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish agender trans person currently living  in the US as a resident alien. E writes and edits short fiction, poetry  and nonfiction. Eir work has been published in venues like Clarkesworld,  Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, and Uncanny, among others. You can find em  at or as @bogiperson on Twitter and Instagram. E also writes about books at and has a webserial in the same continuity as this story at

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