BTS 102: Watch Me Edit a New Feature Film

In this 2nd part I'm cutting Scene 7 - EXT. BUILDING - DAY. 

In this new series you can watch me edit a new film project. For the next four months I'm working on a German suspense-thriller. While most scenes are in German, I will discuss and demonstrate the editing process in English with a focus on creative storytelling.

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Effigy – Poison and the City is Udo Flohr’s first feature, which he also co-produces. It’s the true story of Gesche Gottfried, one of the first female serial killers ever identified, who murdered 15 people with rat poison between 1813 and 1827. She was found guilty of killing her parents, her three children, her twin brother, three husbands, and some friends and neighbors. Another 20 victims were lucky enough to survive. In 1831, Gottfried was executed for her crimes at age 46.

Check out the brand new trailer here: 

Effigy was shot in Germany and is scheduled for theatrical release in 2019. Thomas Kist, N.S.C. handled the cinematography. The screenplay was written by Peer Meter (based on his own stage play and on original court records), Udo Flohr, and Antonia Roeller. Set design by Christina v. Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and Knut Splett-Henning.  

Effigy stars Suzan AnbehElisa Thiemann in her first lead role, Christoph GottschalchRoland JankowskyUwe BohmMarc Ottiker, Marita Marschall, Tom Keidel, Eugen Krössner, Christian Intorp, and many others.

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