In October 2018, I found a deer dying on my sister's property.  

I am not a hunter, nor do I believe in killing animals for mere sport, but since the bowhunter did not step forward to claim his target, I saw nothing wrong in preserving the hide and venison, rather than just letting the dead beauty rot and stink up the area.

Although I have never even so much as watched a video on dressing out a dead animal, I felt confident that the Creator would lead me to honor this fallen member of His creation, guiding me in how to carefully skin it, and getting help from my Mate to string it up in the tree and butcher and preserve the meat.

I know some people will be offended at this sight, and I am sorry for the brutal reality of it.  I feel remorse for the loss of life, but grateful for the venison that stocked the freezer and the hide that I am getting a chance to preserve, learning as I go...

While still in Iowa, I stretched and salted the hide.

I also gathered a bag of black walnuts off the forest floor, and brought it all to Texas, where I will spend the winter.

On Christmas morning, I watched a video created by one of my favorite family members, and it shook me out of my 4-month slump, back into video production mode.  When I went out to work on the hide, I first set up the camera on the tripod, to get some video footage.

You can see the whole video here.  It is brief -- under 2 minutes.  :D

Since that video, I have completed one other and begun a third... I'm on a roll, back into the process of learning more and more about the FUN work of video production!

I also continue to add more to the NEW, along with making sure a new FREEBIE is released there every few days, and every Wednesday morning on,, and

I am restructuring almost all of my websites, using Pods and Elementor on a WordPress platform... and I am also in the beginning stages of a few other sites that are not yet public.

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