Dog's Best Friend

While I was staying with my sister in Iowa, I saw this trailer for the movie A.X.L. 

I immediately wanted to see the movie, but only WITH my Mate... I knew he'd love it, but I didn't know that I'd be catching footage of him and Thor that reminded me of the movie... just 2 months later!

Here's a few stillshots from the trailer, to show you what I mean:

Yeah, I know it's not a perfect match or anything... but what I share in my most recently released video really does remind me of that movie.

It makes me wonder:

Does man become dog's best friend when he can go FAST like a racing hound?!  

The mini bike definitely gives Thor a pleasing challenge, to keep up!   He cannot even contain himself when my Mate drives off with the mini bike on the back of his truck... I have to hold onto his collar while he whines to be set free to RUN with his buddy, lol.  

Watch the video to hear Thor's enthusiasm!  :D

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