Here is All the Good Stuff You Helped Make Happen! (Year End Recap)

Hello Patreon family!

2018 is almost up. I am about to drive to NYC to play a New Year's Gig - and I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your tremendous support! Every one of you (whether you are a $1 or $100 monthly supporter) inspires me to keep creating music and inspiring content. Thank you... 

This year, my main focus has been my boys and my health (all is well, but I had to take care of a few things - mostly a consequence of last few years' worth of stress.) I took more time to cook healthy meals and eat a proper sit-down dinner with my teenage sons almost every day of the week. That alone helped us heal and get ready for big milestones - like college!

Still, I was pretty busy:


  • I performed 16 concerts (one of those was a three day Lenten Mission);
  • Played numerous local gigs (at my favorite venues: Kimbro's in Franklin, TN and Storytellers in Bon Aqua, TN where Johnny Cash used to have his hideaway farm);
  • I sang for 30+K people in Zagreb before the final game of the World Cup; and in Split with popular CRO singer Mia Dimsic;
  • I gave a talk at the Croatian Embassy in Washington, D.C., a presentation for Tri-State Addiction Centers in Cincinnati, OH, and several presentations as an official speaker for EndSlaveryTN.
  • I produced a new Speaker's Trailer with a help of some serious professionals (and DP/ director and editor Kyle Saylors) 




  • I organized a gorgeous cruise in Croatia. I chartered the yacht, worked on itinerary, marketing and sales, put together an amazing team: (Izabela and Svemir - wellness team, Jana - our cruise coordinator, Will - our photographer and David - onboard singer/ guitarist) and delivered an experience none of us will ever forget. :) I admit, I had no idea what I was getting into, and it took a lot of courage for me to actually pull it all off... but it was so successful (participants were beyond happy), that I am going to do this every year!   


  • I wrote 52 weekly newsletter/ blog articles (we started uploading them on my blog mid-year...) and
  • 11 articles for my monthly column in a magazine out of Sarajevo, BiH
  • I began doing weekly FB/ Instagram Live Streamings - with coaching and music (those have been so much fun!)


  • My volunteering hours were split between Nashville Peacemakers (I'm on their board and will be organizing a Tea Event in April 2019),
  • Better Decisions (I served on Curriculum Committee and helped to design the page layout of their new manuals) and 
  • EndSlaveryTN - I'm now on their speaker's bureau 
  • And I was a part of the Pit Crew of Evan's High School Marching Band :)

Thank you all for making 2018 to be such a great year! Thank you for being here and cheering me on. 

Wishing you all most blessed of holidays--and here's to a happy and awesome 2019 as well!

With much love and gratitude,


^ This is one of my top five 2018 moments - singing and dancing with Klapa in Korcula, Croatia - as part of our cruise!

PS - Here is a sneak peek into what's coming up in 2019

  • Lenten Concerts (I'll be in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Iowa and Illinois. Please stop by!)
  • 2019 Cruise in Croatia (Wanna join us? It's Sep 14-21. Info:
  • Touring with my sister Sanya and our new show (we are already booked in theaters and performing art centers across the USA - including Texas and North Dakota!) 
  • New music I'm working on with David Langley (check out
  • Speaking engagements on transformation and Presentations on human trafficking (let me know if you'd want to book one for your company or community)

I'll post my touring schedule soon :)