15 day Winter Sale!

Extended memberships are now on sale on each of these four sites:





Prices vary by site, but each offers options for a 24 Hour, 5 week, and 5 month membership.  Memberships enable visitors to have full access to everything on the respective site -- hundreds of pages of printable games, worksheets, and activities!

After January 12th, each site will only sell 24 Hour Pass memberships for $5... but ALL members will have access to materials for the full length of time paid for, regardless of when they were purchased.

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Oh... and a word for the observant:

Everyone who purchases a membership during the 15 day sale will have at LEAST 5 weeks or 5 months... with those purchasing this weekend having a full 7 or 24 weeks of access to everything on the site which they choose.  Next weekend, I will lower it to 6 and 23 weeks, and the final days I will either leave it or move it down to 5 and 22 weeks.  Either way, everyone will get at LEAST the amount of time they pay for.  I also do plan to adjust some of the pricing accordingly, to make it "fair".  :wink:

Happy Holidays!  :D

I would also like to invite you into my private prayer life.  Perhaps we can encourage one another.  <3