HoeRizon 0.0.7(71) Change-log and future plans

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Hello everyone,

I hope you had great holidays. Once again we want to announce our latest build, it might not be as significant as the last one, but you will find a lot of new in-game improvements. Furthermore, we started working towards 0.0.8 version which will be out at the end of January. If you have any suggestions, please join our discord server so we could have a chat.

Version 0.0.7


  • Characters body now bends depending if he is looking up or down (before it was only working while aiming)
  • Weapon reload time will now be displayed on screen
  • Added quick slots for items like medkits
  • Item scanner (by pressing TAB it will highlight pickable items)
  • Whole world map will now be displayed by pressing M
  • Map UI displays quest progress and locations
  • Quest distance and location is displayed on screen
  • Instance based map system (some explicit places will be loaded separately to provide even better performance while being in that place)
  • New location - Sex bar
  • New BDSM animations
  • Rock will get wet during rain
  • Added weapon and hair texture quality settings (for better performance)
  • Improved landscape

 Bug fixes 

  • Aim down sights animation would snap the weapon to an incorrect socket
  • Releasing aim down sights button plays an incorrect animation for a moment
  • Bullet leaves the weapon with an incorrect angle
  • Sometimes player can shoot himself in the leg
  • When player stops moving or swaps a weapon, leg animation does a weird transition
  • Longer text pops out of the intended text box
  • Opening main UI (for example map by pressing M) and switching to the inventory window, wouldn't load the inventory slots
  • Opening vehicle spawner interface might hard-lock the game
  • Fixed alien grass emissive
  • Clothes are no longer pixelating
  • Fixed tree colors

 Version 0.0.71


  • Game wouldn't save while driving a vehicle 
  • Exiting and entering the vehicle might break the game
  • Sometimes quest progress wouldn't save
  • At the bar female's breasts would make a strange glitch 
  • Hair would have an impact on performance
  • Fixed lighting inside the sex bar
  • Road material improved
  • Better landscape material during rain
  • Improved character's skeleton for better animation pipeline 
  • Transition for new BDSM animations
  • Fixed road collision

Plans for 0.0.8

  • New vehicle model + improved driving mechanics
  • More video settings in game
  • Character's body customization
  • New fetishes
  • Shotgun and pistol integration
  • Improved old skills and few new ones
  • Revamp day and night cycle
  • Bring NPCs to life (assign them different tasks while not interacting with the player)
  • Ability to skip night time (sleeping in bed)
  • Fixing remaining bugs, we are aware that there still are quite few
  • New dialogue system
  • And some more....

For 0.0.8 we will try utilizing a plugin from unreal engine marketplace which is currently free for the dialogue system. This will save us a bunch of time and will add more depth to the game. There will be bunch of options to choose from and some options will do a specific action. Down below is an example how the pipeline looks like.

Lastly we will resume streaming after new years eve. If you want to get the link to our streaming page, don't hesitate to contact us or join our discord server. Cheers

As always thank you for your support!

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