I got bored and made an Intelligent DND 5E Warhammer

Tyrant’s Bane

  • +2 Fiery Warhammer (deals 1d8 additional fire damage on hit, sheds light as a torch)
  • Has 5 Charges.  Regains 1d4+1 charges each morning.
  • 1 Charge: Cast Fire Shield (Red) on Self Only, no concentration required
  • 2 Charge: Cast Fireball as a 5th level caster (DC 16 Dex Save)
  • 5 Charge: Cast Firestorm as a 13th level caster (DC 18 Dex Save)
  • Intelligent
  • CG Alignment
  • Purpose: To topple despots and corrupt rulers.

Tyrant’s Bane was originally crafted by dwarven smith and rebel Flintlock Flamefist. It was created to aid in the overthrowing of the dwarven tyrant who had come to power in Flamefist's clan, and was originally wielded by a Paladin of Muradin named Lilly Starsteel for that purpose.  Unfortunately, Tyrant’s Bane was lost in the final battle against the very tyrant it was meant to defeat, and has lain dormant in its resting place ever since.

Tyrant's Bane seeks to fulfill its purpose.  To hunt down despots, corrupt rules, and tyrants and destroy them.  It will attempt to force its wielder into conflicts with these rulers should it be made aware of them.  It refuses to fight against the downtrodden or oppressed, and will actively fight its wielder on those points.  Otherwise, Tyrant’s Bane will allow itself to be used normally, although it will happily comment on its wielders performance in battle in a sarcastic manner.

As a note I did this without actually reading how Intelligent Items are made under 5E so its missing some stuff I am sure, but its completely usable as is if you ask me.  Have fun with it.  Free public post for everyone!

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