Yii development notes #26

Dec 30, 2018

New year is coming and it is time for last issue of development notes this year.

Despite being a short issue, there are gems to look for.  Happy new year everyone!

Yii 2.0

We haven't released another 2.0 version this year but it is really close. I will try finishing it in the beginning of the year.

Extensions and infrastructure

  • Yii guide is now available in Chinese and Japanese. I want to thank community for doing translations. You are awesome!
  • ApiDoc 2.1.1
  • Gii 2.0.8
  • Both 2.0 Gii and Debug were made dependency-free asset-wise. That's good for installation time, compatibility and, when ported to Yii 3.0 will allow better package separation. Thanks goes to @simialbi.

Yii 3.0

Other news

Reading list

I stumbled upon a good article (Equal) web application performance that I definitely can recommend reading.

Besides that one of my article drafts finally was finished so you can now read about Naming things.