Frequently Asked Questions!

Welcome to the fam, fam! 

Here you can find all things Normies related. We’ve collected some of the questions that have been asked by many of our patrons. Please reach out to us if you can’t find a solution to your issue in this post! We are here to help you and guide you through this experience as best as we can! 

What is the best way to get in touch with us if I have a problem? 

Direct message via our patreon page is the best way to get a hold of us fast. We check our messages daily during work days and respond within 24 hours. Fridays and Saturdays are our off days, so a response might be delayed on those days.
Don’t know how to send a message to us? Here is detailed instructions: 

An alternative way of contacting us may be via discord (link to our discord server:, where you can submit questions under #questions-and-feedback. Our mods as well as ourselves do our best to check on these regularly, but as mentioned earlier, DM via Patreon is the fastest, most sure way to get a hold of us. 

I am subscribed to a tier with physical reward (signed photo, keychains, cards etc.). When can I expect my goodies?

We send you monthly goodies at the end of each month. We typically wait until the latest business day of the month to send goodies out to make sure we include all pledging patrons of that month. Please note that all other physical rewards are fulfilled by Patreon merch program with their own tracking and shipment arrangements. 

We typically ask our patrons eligible for physical rewards for their address via private message. But it is always helpful if you could also fill out your address in your profile. You can do so by following instructions here: 

I got double charged for one month. What can I do?

Send us a message via patreon! We will be on it and are able to reimburse you on our end. Refund typically takes 5 business days to process once it’s approved by us. 

What is Discord?

All of our tiers come with an invitation to our Discord server. Discord is a popular text and video chat app you can download on your desktop and phone. We cannot recommend Discord enough! Join Discord to meet like-minded people, play games together, build long-lasting friendships and perhaps even chat it up with one of the Normies! A lot of us are on discord daily!

If you missed signing up while you were pledging to our Patreon, do not worry! Simply go to your account settings. You will find “Connect to Discord” button there! 

Link to our discord server: 

I would like to buy merch. Do Normies have a merch store?

You’re in luck, my friend! Check our merch on Threadless:

When are Normies’ birthdays? 

So sweet of you to ask! This info has been requested a few times, so we decided to add it here:

White Pat (Pdub) - January 7th

Micky - March 23rd

Nikki - March 24th 

Marketa - April 3rd

Rana - April 12th

Sarah - May 29th

Dustin - June 9th

Josh (Spidey) - June 1st

Haley - September 11th

Brie - September 27th

Pat (Brown Pat) - October 21st

Navi - October 28th

Nahid - November 7th

Chris - November 13th

AJ - November 17th

Suraj - December 2nd

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