My New Years Wish For You All In 2019

May 2019 bring you more than enough.
May your cups spill over.
May you forgive and move past the past.
May your tomorrow's be filled with adventure and excitement.
May you laugh hard and love hard core.
May you love like it's the last time you see them.
And always remember the ones who went before you but who are only a thought away.
May you never be afraid to try new things.
And may you never go to sleep on a bad word or thought.
May you see the other side of an argument and look beyond someones cover.
May you always be the first to say I'm Sorry and the first to say I love you.
May you step out of the shadows and think for yourself. And may you always find it in you to march to the beat of your own drum.
March loud and march strong never afraid to stand up and say 'THIS IS ME!!! LIKE IT OR NOT!!!'
May your body know pleasure not pain.
May your mind get as much exercise as your body and may you look in the mirror and see only beautiful things.
May your faith in whatever it may be guide you to more happiness and fulfilment than one would ever need.
May you know that you are never alone. Not on this planet, not in this universe you are not alone and no matter what know someone loves you.
Because someone DOES love you.
Because whether I've met you or not I love you.

Happy New Year Planet Earth. Next year will bring big changes that will begin a long healing across the globe and we're going to change history.
We the souls who stand today will be watching the end of Suffering and the start of a New Renaissance.
We get to be apart of something huge and I just want you all to sit up and take notice of what's about to happen.
We're in this together.
Love and Light my Loves
Debbie Arce