We made it back to our winter stomping grounds in Texas around the middle of November.  Within the first few days, this little black and white kitty started hanging out with us, sitting on my lap whenever he could, and eventually joining us for brief visits inside our camper (we don't live in a house, we are "homeless nomads", my Mate and I).

Even while my Mate was setting down the legs to stabilize the camper, this new little kitty would not leave his side.  He was making use of every moment there was a human on the ground with him!

There are at least a dozen different "feral" cats wandering about the RV park that we call "home" for the winter -- and I will be releasing a video on them eventually -- but Tux is special.  He doesn't hang out with the other cats, like he does with his humans.  Surprisingly, though, he doesn't much care for human food.  He wants affection, attention, companionship from humans... so much that he will even let the little 4-year-old neighbor girl carry him around like a ragdoll.  In fact, I think he has Ragdoll breed in him.  The little girl calls him "Boots" -- which is another characteristic of the Ragdoll cat breed, if I remember correctly.

You can see why he's called "Boots" here.

I know this post has nothing to do with my "normal" work like educational materials, art stuff, and muscle cars... but it is the fourth video I've released in 4 days, after a 4-month dry spell without producing a single video... so I am delighted, and wanted to share my excitement!

You can watch the little 3-minute video "Meet Tux" and let him warm your heart like he has ours.  Perhaps it's that warm Texas sun he soaks up, radiating from him... but I suspect it's actually his Creator -- it's the Father's Love! 

THANK YOU to my supporters for allowing me to work from my laptop like in the pic above.  I actually have no desire to return to a traditional house-based lifestyle.  I much enjoy our simple life, and I am grateful for all that I have, including my freedom, my Mate, and my work.  :O>

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