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This is an updated page which collects all my published pieces which are available online.

The Verso Books Blog

The Future of Trans Politics (March 14, 2019) - Co-written piece with Nathaniel Dickson on the revolutionary horizon for trans people. Covers childhood transitions,  disassociation (and how we can respond to it politically), the fascist imaginary, and the limits  to the politics of corrected language for revolutionaries

Depathologising, Repathologising: the WHO’s New Guidelines for Trans and Intersex Healthcare (November 26, 2018) - An examination of the term 'Disorders of Sex Development', from a queer historical perspective.

Trans Ethics, Not Gender Ideology: Against the Church and other 'Gender Critics'  (June 27, 2018) - An immanent consideration of Catholic and secular efforts to cast trans people as 'confused and deluded' by so-called gender ideology. I offer another view to this, of communities bringing about workable lives (as best we can).

The Wound: Effeminacy Against Manhood, Mountain Against City (April 20, 2018) - A review of S. African gay coming of age drama Inexba, including a detailed analysis of the controversy surrounding its local release.

Hypocrite Reader

An Aviary of Social Reproduction (February 16, 2019) - An essay on wombs, eggs, and other workplaces.

New Socialist (UK)


Implicit Crisis (January 6) - A review of Asad Haider's first book, including examination of the 'paratext' provided by Viewpoint Magazine, and an introduction to Afro-Pessimism.


An Anatomy of the Soyboy (February 3) - An examination of the contradictory ways effeminacy gets treated by 4chan, featuring an examination of alt-right claims concerning soy products, and an introduction of the ambiguous 'femboy' gender category to Marxist theory.

Lesbians Going Their Own Way? A Critical View of the London Pride Hi-Jacking (July 19)

On the Guardian's Transphobic Centrism (October 21) - A response to The Guardian's notorious editorial on the Gender Recognition Act, and the two major transfeminist tendencies that are resisting the phobic tide sweeping the UK.


Normietivity: A Review of Angela Nagle's Kill All Normies  (September 17) - A critical look at the first full-length book to analyse the alt-right, drawing from my own research into contemporary fascism, and experiences of internet culture.


I'm Intersex and I Wish the Gender Recognition Act Was More Inclusive (October 21, 2018) - Reporting on the legal plight of intersex people in the UK, features interviews with a selection of British intersex people.

Pluto Press Blog

How Do Gender Transitions Happen? (Encounters and Communities) (September 22, 2018) - A philosophical essay investigating two prevailing perspectives on how people shift from one gender to another.

Blind Field Journal

The Call for Gender Abolition: From Materialist Lesbianism to Gay Communism (July 31, 2017) - 1/2 of a two part essay, dealing with gender abolitionism as it surfaced in various parts of the New Left.

Abolitionism in the 21st Century: From Communization as the End of Sex, to Revolutionary Transfeminism (August 7, 2017) - Part II deals with gender abolitionist writing from the 2000s-10s, in particular recent transfeminist polemics.

Viewpoint Magazine

Transition & Abolition: Notes on Marxism & Trans Politics (July 19, 2017) - On the social reproduction that churns beneath the 'transgender tipping point'.

Novara Media

Let's Try Communism: 10 Responses to 'Queerness and Precarity' (September 9, 2016) - A response to a piece by Joni Pitt (Cohen) and Sophie Monk on queer housing, calling for a more strictly Marxist view.

What is Effeminacy and How Can We Celebrate It? (May 28, 2017) - A call for a pro-effeminate consciousness in contemporary queer politics.

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Kinderkommunismus (June 21, 2015) - 'A Feminist Analysis of the 21st-Century Family and a Communist Proposal for its Abolition'. (Co-written with Kate Doyle Griffiths) 

Eight Questions on the Slogan 'Abolish the Family!', and Other Modest Proposals - Published on Hysteria magazine's website (July 28, 2017). 

French Translation - published in Pour Un Féminisme De La Totalé (March 14, 2017).

Also available in a Subversion Press Printable PDF version (June 30, 2015).

Identities Journal

Jules Joanne Gleeson, Jose Rosales and Andrew Culp: 'Love, Sex, Communism: A Discussion' (Summer, 2018) - A freewheeling discussion between three thinkers on theory, ethics, and puppies. Click through for PDF version.


'Doing Conferences Differently'  (Ilya Afanasyev, Nicholas Evans and Nicholas Matheou, September 14, 2018) - This essay by the organisers summarises and reflects on the inter-disciplinary 'Debt' Conference, which had an experimental format I was glad to get a chance to participate in. Conference proceedings should be published soon!

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Lectures (Video)

How Do Our Bodies Work? Why Do They Fail Us? (December 5, 2018) - Hegelian Marxism-Lesbianism view on embodiment, delivered at MAMA, Zagreb.

Sex Hormones & The Stress of Gender - The Endocrine Revolution - Queer history of science talk on hormonal discoveries of the earlier 20th century, and aftermath. Closed session at MAMA, Zagreb.

The Byzantine Eunuch as a Pre-Modern Gender Category (7 October, 2018) - Paper delivered at the Marxist-Feminist II conference, Vienna. WARNING: Contains tributary mode nerding, dual vs. unitary vs. indifference gender theories.

Comedy (Video)
The Christmas Markets of Zagreb (December 17, 2018) - 9 minute set for Politically Correct Comedy Club* set at WUK, Vienna.

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