January Sale

It's that time of year again.  I'm going to be running the January sale.  Since we don't have any physical things, the sale isn't going to feel as interesting as previous years.  Also, I know I just ran a sale recently, but I figured I'll stick with the January thing to keep things consistent.  So here we go!

This sale will last for the entire month of January.

All Payments will be handled by Paypal and all communications will be handled via email.  

Paypal Donation Link - I think this works.

[email protected] is my email 

Get Everything!

Are you new to the comic and want to get everything?  All years of pictures to date, all pages of To Catch A Worgen?  Well, this one donation will get you everything (not the physical stuff tho)

Price: $ 140 USD

All 2018 Pictures:

All Pictures from 2018, pretty self explanitory.  I do need to update the samples.  I'll do that soon (by the end of the week).

Price: $ 40 USD

Any Complete Year Pack: 

Get an entire year you may have missed.  Each year is sold separately. 

Email me which ones you want.  The links below have examples and descriptions:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 

Price: $ 20 USD each

Picture Bundle

Pick and choose any 6 Monthly Pictures previous released from any year.   Email me which ones you want. 

Price: $ 20 USD.  

2018 To Catch a Worgen

Get all the To Catch a Worgen pages from 2018.  That's all 16 pages. 

Price: $ 20 USD.  

Bulk Discount

If you spend $ 60 USD, I'll throw in a $ 20 USD package for free.  For Example, get 3 years for 20 USD each and you can pick another year for free.