2018 publications (mine!)

My main work for 2018! The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections, a novelette that appeared both on Tor.com and in the best of collection, Worlds Seen in Passing: Ten Years of Tor.com Short Fiction.

A little behind the scenes about it: This one started as a flash story in 2017. I had a prompt that included some word like, I think, temporary? Which I stared at so long that it finally morphed to temporal in my head. I also wanted to write a story that involved baking. So I started writing about a woman at a bakery who was handing each customer the exact pastry they needed - confections with names like Apple Turnover of Happier Times and Lemon Tart of Profound Regret. I finished the flash story (you can see its bones in the "Lemon Tart" section of the novelette) but I also knew I wanted to expand it, because I had a lot more to say about that bakery, and the woman at the heart of the story.

I'm very proud of the finished result, and I hope you like it, too. (It just occurs to me that it's certainly on brand for someone who runs a podcast called Toasted Cake!) (Also, I'm very happy about these reviews of it on Goodreads, though be warned: spoilers galore! :)

Happy 2018, and I'll do a round-up of the 2018 Toasted Cake originals tomorrow!

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